Misty Mountain Farm
Current Products Offered :

Grass-Fed Beef-
 Sold by the side or whole - we charge by hanging weight at
the processor. We deliver to them, you then can have your beef cut and wrapped
exactly how you like. We charge based on hanging weight of your side or whole.  
Processing fees are not included and are paid to the butcher directly when you pick up
your beef. Prices are subject to change without notice, so contact us for current
pricing.  Typically we take beef in the late summer, early fall to butcher.
If you would like to find out more about grass based farming, or about our
current products/availability/ prices, feel free to email us or call us.

We invite you to come grow with us!
Misty Mountain Farm
Grantsville, WV 26147
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West Virginia- Wild and Wonderful !
Pastured Poultry- Growing season roughly from April to October. We try
and raise only what we have sales for- email us to be put on the list for the
years growing season. Pickup is on farm only. Chickens sold as whole  
broilers, turkeys as whole roasters- prices based on dressed
weight, which does include processing. Again, contact us for current pricing.
Pastured Pork-  Email for current availability or to be put on our waiting list.
We sell by the side or whole, and deliver to the processor for you. We only use
processors who smoke and cure on site, so you can have your bacon ham
sausage and chops done all at the same place! We charge based on
hanging weight, processor is paid his fee on pickup of your meat. As with beef,
processing fees are not included, contact us for current pricing and cut/wrap fees.